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About the Course

Spanish is one of the most widely spoken languages in the world, with around half a billion people speaking it as their first or second language.

It is particularly widely spoken in North and South America, but you will find Spanish speakers across the world and it is an excellent language for those wishing to travel: you will never be too far away from a Spanish speaker. For this reason Spanish opens up a vast array of possibilities for those who pursue the language to an advanced level. In studying Spanish, you will encounter the ideas, stories and debates that are current across the Spanish-speaking world. You will learn the grammatical structures of the language, as well as how to express yourself in conversation. This course builds on your GCSE Spanish course and is an obvious choice for those wishing to pursue modern languages at university, but a language is also of great benefit to those wishing to study other subjects such as history, politics, law and English literature. The ability to speak a second language is valued very highly by employers, particularly in the world of business where the Spanish language opens up a wide variety of career possibilities.

Examination Board

AQA (7692) 

Course Structure

Paper 1: Listening, reading and writing (50%)

Paper 2: Writing (20%)

Paper 3: Speaking (30%)