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Religious Studies

About the Course

The Religious Studies A-Level will allow you to engage in some of the most fascinating religious, philosophical and ethical debates from throughout history. Does God exist? Do we have a soul? What happens to us when we die? Would a loving God send anyone to hell? Can Christianity survive in an increasingly secular world? How can we know what is right and wrong? Can we rely on our conscience to tell us how to behave?

The OCR A-level is made up of three units. Each unit is assessed in a two-hour exam at the end of Year 13. The exam for each unit contains four questions, all of which are worth 40 marks. Pupils choose three of these questions to answer.

In Unit 1 pupils study a broad range of philosophical ideas from those of Plato and Aristotle to more modern day philosophers. This includes exploring different answers to philosophical questions about the nature of humanity, knowledge, language and the existence of God.

In Unit 2 pupils study ethical theories including Natural Law, Situation Ethics, Kantian Ethics and Situation Ethics. These are then applied to debates surrounding euthanasia, business ethics, and sexual ethics. Pupils also compare Aquinas and Freud’s conceptions of conscience and examine meta-ethical theories.

In Unit 3 pupils examine aspects of Christian theology including Augustine’s ideas about human nature and the relationship between faith and reason. They also study the ways in which Christian thought has developed over time and interacted with social change. This includes a study of feminist theology and Christian responses to secularism and multi-faith societies.

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Examination Board

OCR (H573)

Course Structure

  • Unit 1 Philosophy of Religion (33.3% of A-level)
  • Unit 2 Ethics (33.3% of A-level)
  • Unit 3 Developments in Christian Thought (33.3% of A-level)