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We aim to provide children with a classical liberal education, regardless of background or ability.


About the Course

“Mathematics is the alphabet with which God has written the universe”

Galileo’s famous statement regarding the sometimes mystical but deeply profound connection between Mathematics and the universe around us continues to resonate in the modern era. Mathematics is at once a language of pure rationality and (sometimes) imagination, as well as being the building blocks from which the sciences, physical and social, and engineering and so many other disciplines are built.  Our Mathematics course is designed to offer breadth across a range of subject areas, as well as depth of focus in key ones.  It is up-to-date, and offers you the opportunity to demonstrate that you can apply your Mathematical knowledge in practical ‘real-life’ modelling situations. As well as building on knowledge you have gained whilst studying your GCSE Mathematics in the areas of quadratic equations, sketching curves, co-ordinate geometry and trigonometry, the pure elements of the course introduce a range of new content.  You will begin to work with and appreciate the complexity of Calculus, are introduced to natural logarithms and exponential functions, and explore finite and infinite sequences and series.  In the Mechanics section, you will hone your (mathematical) modelling skills, are introduced to motion in 1-, 2-, and 3-dimensions, and will learn how to apply Newton’s 3 laws of motion to bodies and projectiles.  Your final module over the two years will be covering statistics, building on the statistics you will have learned at GCSE, and encouraging the use of large data set analysis.

Our A-level Mathematics course is an excellent preparation if you wish to progress on to studying Mathematics at University.  It is also invaluable for anyone wishing to read Sciences, particularly Physics, Engineering, and a host of other courses.  The MEI curriculum content and structure is highly regarded and respected by the best universities in the country.  It is without doubt a demanding course, and will require dedication if you wish to achieve success.  We would expect candidates to have achieved a good qualification at GCSE level of at least a grade 7 and preferably an 8 or 9. 

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Examination Board

OCR (MEI) H640

Course Structure

  • Unit 1 Pure mathematics and mechanics
  • Unit 2 Pure mathematics and statistics
  • Unit 3 Pure mathematics and comprehension