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We aim to provide children with a classical liberal education, regardless of background or ability.


About the Course

Latin offers a unique opportunity to engage with the ancient literature upon which modern society is established.

You will hone your language skills developed at GCSE by extending your understanding of clauses and constructions and expanding your vocabulary. You will also engage with the highly rewarding process of translating English into Latin; consolidating your language knowledge and developing problem solving skills. The values, society and history of the Roman world will be unlocked by your heightened ability to translate authentic Roman authors and analyse the language, context and impact of their creation.

You will study a lawcourt speech by the great orator and politician Cicero, analysing the persuasiveness of his speech in defence of a man accused by his mother of poisoning his step-father. The Year 13 prose text is taken from Book 1 of Livy's History of Rome, looking at the mythological story of Romulus and Remus. This is a fascinating opportunity to explore how the Romans wished to present themselves through their origins. For verse literature, you will study some of the of the most acclaimed poets of all time. In Year 12 you will be exploring Catullus' varied and sometimes shocking poetry - exploring his tempestuous affair with Lesbia and relationships with other friends and some rivals. Moving on, in Year 13 to the Heroides of Ovid, a different take on the classic epics of The Odyssey and the Aeneid from the perspective of the women; some of the cleverest and most playful poetry of Latin literature. 

This course is a delight to study and complements A-level or university study of another language, Maths, History, Law, Politics or English literature. It provides an opportunity to develop analytical skills and engage in textual criticism. Latin encourages mental versatility by engaging in a range of disciplines through the Latin sources that have retained their popularity for millennia.

Examination Board

OCR (H443)

Course Structure

  • Unit 1 Unseen Translation
  • Unit 2 Prose Comprehension or Composition
  • Unit 3 Prose Literature – Cicero, Murder at Larinum; Livy, Book 1
  • Unit 4 Verse Literature – Catullus, various poems; Ovid, Heroides (1 - Penelope and 7 - Dido)