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English Literature

About the Course

The study of literature provides a lens through which you can meet and explore places, characters and events from around the globe and from another time.

A level English provides the opportunity to study a range of texts and critical theories, from the literary canon through to more modern epochs. You will study texts ranging from Shakespeare and Marlowe through to BrontÑ‘, Keats and Virginia Woolf. You will develop your knowledge and appreciation of form, literary devices and concepts, and the role of context in making and shaping literature and its reception. The course includes an Extended Comparative Coursework, offering you the chance to select and investigate two texts – prose, poetry, drama or non-fiction – from within your specialisms and interests. You will be expected to discuss links and connections, different interpretations and the contexts in which they were written. Whether you are a current WLFS student or are joining us from another school, this course builds upon the knowledge and skills acquired through the study of English Literature at GCSE..

The range and breadth of the course will provide students with everything needed to continue in the study of English literature at university level. The skills and knowledge developed over the two years will hugely beneficial to a wide range of subjects, including law, history and politics.

Examination Board

Edexcel (9ET0)

Course Structure

  • Unit 1 Drama (exam) Tragedy – Section A: King Lear, Section B: Doctor Faustus

  • Unit 2 Prose (exam) Women and Society – A comparison of Wuthering Heights and Mrs Dalloway

  • Unit 3 Poetry (exam) Section A: Contemporary Poetry, Section B: Romanticism

  • Unit 4 Extended Comparative Coursework Comparison of two texts linked by theme, movement, author or period.