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WLFS Secondary

The Knowledge Schools Trust

We aim to provide children with a classical liberal education, regardless of background or ability.

Choosing your options

You may choose three subjects from the table below.

You can choose only ONE option from each block.

Please note: If you choose Further Mathematics you must also choose Mathematics. Only students who achieve all grade 8/9s at GCSE can choose to take 4 A levels.

Please speak to Ms Speller if your subject choices cannot be satisfied in these blocks.

Click here for our Entry Requirements

Enrichment Options

Additional sporting, drama, debating, music and volunteering opportunities are also available on Wednesday afternoons.

Furthermore, we offer a regular programme of guest speaker and external visits to compliment the knowledge rich academic curriculum. 

Extended Project Qualification AQA (7993)

Year 12 students with strong GCSE results will be invited to enrol into our Extended Project Qualification (EPQ) programme.

The Extended Project will develop and extend from one or more of your study areas and/or from an area of personal interest or activity outside your main programme of study.

It will be based on a topic chosen by you and agreed as appropriate by your mentor.

You will be taught the necessary skills in order to complete an extended project, working closely with a specialist mentor. You will then work autonomously and independently to complete your project. After planning, researching and carrying out your project you will deliver a presentation to a non-specialist audience, a real opportunity to turn the tables on your teachers.

Having completed an EPQ, you will have applied a range of organisational skills and strategies to meet your objectives and obtained, critically selected and used information from a range of sources.

You will have shown that you can analyse data, applying it relevantly, and displayed a range of skills valued by universities and employers, including problem-solving, critical decision-making, communication skills, creatively and flexibly, to achieve planned outcomes. Importantly, you will learn to evaluate outcomes both in relation to your project and in terms of reflecting on your own learning and performance.

This project, and the planning, log and evaluation of it, will form the evidence on which you will be graded and gain the qualification, which is worth half an A-level.