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Art & Design

About the Course

The A level course in Art is both challenging and exciting and follow on from the skills and ideas learnt on a GCSE Art course. There is a particular emphasis placed on personal research and ideas with a commitment to experimentation, whilst also ensuring quality. The structure of the course is based on the submission of a sketchbook (physical and/or digital) and final piece(s) for both coursework ('Personal Investigation') and the exam to create a portfolio. We follow the Fine Art endorsement. You will be introduced to a variety of experiences exploring a range of techniques and processes, including drawing, photography, Photoshop, painting, printmaking, life drawing, sculpture and mixed media, reinforced by the critical/contextual study of artists. We also go on many trips in London and abroad including such destinations as Paris and Madrid.

Each unit carries a maximum of 96 marks and your work will be marked internally by the Art Department using the four Assessment Objectives AO1 to AO4 (Developing, Experimenting, Recording and Personal Response), which are equally weighted in each of the units. Work for all units produced is then moderated by AQA. (Currently there is only the Personal Investigation coursework unit 1 (96 marks) due to Covid - this is under review.

The external moderator from the AQA exam board will view a display of your work in June to check the internal marks given. You will be expected to possess an aptitude for creativity, be industrious and willing to develop ideas imaginatively and find new ways of making work. The desire to experiment without being afraid of making mistakes is essential. We would also expect your interest in the subject to extend to a keenness to visit galleries and places of cultural interest in your own time. Having London on our doorstep is one of the best resources in the world. This course enables students who want to follow a career in the arts, whether fine or applied, to build a portfolio of wide-ranging work and is especially important if you plan to pursue a creative path at foundation or at university for which we have a 100% success rate. The course ensures a greater understanding of contemporary visual culture especially, which is useful for students hoping to pursue careers in other disciplines such as journalism, architecture, film, fashion and advertising. The importance of problem solving and independent thinking on the course is also a highly transferable skill that complements many other subjects.

For more information you can view the Art Department website here.

Examination Board


Course Structure


  • Unit 1 Personal Investigation
  • Unit 2 Externally set assignment