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We aim to provide children with a classical liberal education, regardless of background or ability.

  • Art Scholarship

    Art Scholarship (16+) 2023

    At WLFS, the Art Department is looking for committed young people who meet the normal academic requirements of the school but who also demonstrate a strong artistic sensibility through creativity, imagination and independence. Applicants should also be able to show an appreciation of visual culture in the world around them that goes beyond the daily school curriculum. As part of the WLFS Sixth Form, students can then apply for this exciting Art Scholarship.


    (Year 12 Mural, 2021 at WLFS 6th Form) 


    Entry Requirements 

    • A strong interest in pursuing Art or a creative subject beyond school
    • Portfolio Submission: Examples of one work done in school and evidence of one work done and outside the curriculum
    • Short Interview with Head of Art
    • 50-word statement saying why you are applying for the scholarship and what you could bring to the role

    Specific Benefits 

    • Membership to Tate gallery for 2 Years  
    • A1 Art Portfolio in second year for art college application 
    • Contribution to Tickets/Transport for London exhibitions organised by the school (up to a certain amount and if not free)  
    • Funding for an international art trip in Year 12. 
    • Access to Higher Education Facilities or Internship (where possible) 
    • Being a role model for other students and being an important member of one of the best departments in the school!
    • Support and advice from the current Yr13 Art scholars 


    • Being representative of the Art Department and promoting the subject.

    Helping with:

    • Open Evenings / the whole school Art Exhibition in June 
    • The delivery of an Assembly/Talk on the Arts to the 6th Form/Lower School  
    • Helping with a KS3 club with Art Dept staff once per week during a lunchtime every term
    • Engaging with a mentoring programme with Yr11 Art students  
    • Curating an exhibition programme at the Sixth Form site  
    • Organising a community art-based project at the school or in the local community e.g., mural   

    The Art Scholarship will continue from Year 12 into Year 13, subject to satisfactory academic progress and conduct, and provided the recipient remains actively engaged in Art at The West London Free School.  

    Key Dates for Art Scholarship process 

    Deadline for submission: The Deadline is 2 weeks into September when we are sure Year 12 students are enrolled and staying at the school. 

    What to Submit?

    • 1 work in any media you have made at school in the last year that you particularly like (can be from GCSE if you have access to images of your work or current Yr12 work)
    • 1 work in any media you have made outside school and not part of the curriculum you feel happy with
    • A 50-word statement as to why you would like the Art Scholarship and what you could bring to the role


    Please email this to Mr Bacchi-Andreoli: j.bacchiandreoli@wlfs.org  

    Shortlisted candidates will be invited to a short 10/15-minute interview in a lunchtime/after school. 

    Then successful candidates will be notified in the third week in September.