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We aim to provide children with a classical liberal education, regardless of background or ability.

Keeping connected with our school Alumni

When our pupils leave WLFS Sixth Form, they may have left the building, but they are most definitely still part of our school family. Our past pupils – our Alumni – are a huge part of our school composition, and interestingly this enduring relationship continued can be really beneficial for both the school, and you as individuals as you find your own paths through higher education and the workplace.

We know so many of you have enjoyed your time with WLFS Sixth Form and found it invaluable in your next steps, because you’ve shared your memories and experiences with us.

In the end, the skills I learnt doing politics, in weighing up arguments and evaluating evidence, are all so important in medicine.

It was such a supportive environment and honestly without my teachers and the senior leadership team, I can honestly say I would never have achieved the results I did.

Overall, I had an absolutely amazing time at the WLFS Sixth Form. It perfectly prepared me for higher education, whilst giving me some of the loveliest memories that I will cherish!

We want all of our pupils who leave WLFS Sixth Form to stay connected, be professional, and keep networking. It will help! An important platform for this in the digital age is LinkedIn.

Here’s why LinkedIn is so important!

LinkedIn is THE online business platform for B2B social/business networking and, used correctly, it can benefit both us as a school and you as Alumni.

Believe it or not, people are very interested to know where you went to school because it forms part of your journey.

When you create a profile on LinkedIn you are enabling yourself to:

  • Connect
  • Market yourself to prospective employees
  • Showcase your talents and business

“It's really great staying in touch with WLFS, the longer I've been away the more I've reflected on how much I enjoyed my time there and the opportunities that were available to me.” Lolita Gosling, WLFS Alumni


Sign-up to LinkedIn and connect with us follow these steps:

1. Setup and/or revise your LinkedIn profile with your latest information.

2. Link to the WLFS Sixth Form. Join our WLFS Sixth Form community on this page. Make sure your education history is linked to the WLFS Sixth Form main LinkedIn page (the page is here). Staying in touch with us on LinkedIn allows you to see alumni events and provides opportunities to network, share ideas and keep in touch.

We look forward to keeping in touch with you!