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WLFS Secondary

The Knowledge Schools Trust

We aim to provide children with a classical liberal education, regardless of background or ability.



    You can find out more about our ethos, the subjects available and our enrichment programme in our Sixth Form Prospectus.


    Open Evenings

    Our next Open Evenings will be in October 2022 for Sept 2023 entry. For a short video tour of Franklin House please click here.

    September 2022 Entry

    Applications for September 2022 entry are now open. Prospective students should complete the relevant application form below:

    Current WLFS students CLICK HERE
    Applicants from other schools CLICK HERE

    Applications for September 2022 entry close in January.

    Please read our admissions policy here.


    For more information regarding the curriculum and entry requirements, please see the Prospectus and for  other general information from our Sixth Form Handbook.


    What does the admissions process look like?

    Applications close in January, after which you will be invited for a meeting with a member of the senior leadership team. To learn more about what happens after that please see our admissions schedule.

    What does a day in the life look like at WLFS Sixth Form?



    What A level subjects do you offer?

    BLOCK 1

    BLOCK 2

    BLOCK 3

    BLOCK 4

    BLOCK 5

    Art & Design

    Classical Civilisation

    Art & Design

    History of Art





    Medieval History




    English Literature


    Further Mathematics


    English Literature



    Modern History

    Modern History

    Mathematics (Further)







    Religious Studies

    Physical Education

    Music Technology

     Religious Studies




    Find out about the A level subjects we offer by listening to our Heads of Department
    Find out about what subjects are a good fit for you here.

    What are your entry requirements?

    Art & Design Grade 6/B at GCSE Art
    Biology Grade 7/A at GCSE Biology or in Combined Science
    Chemistry Grade 7/A at GCSE Chemistry or Combined Science
    Classical Civilisation Grade 6/B at GCSE English Language
    Economics Grade 7/A at GCSE Maths and Grade 6/B in English Language
    English Literature Grade 6/B at GCSE English Language
    French Grade 7/A at GCSE French
    Further Maths Grade 8/A* at GCSE Maths - can only be taken as a fourth A level option
    Geography Grade 6/B at GCSE Geography
    History of Art Grade 6/B at GCSE English Language
    Latin Grade 7/A at GCSE Latin
    Maths Grade 7/A at GCSE Maths
    History Grade 6/B at GCSE History
    Music Grade 6/B at GCSE Music
    Music Technology Grade 6/B at GCSE Music
    Physical Education Grade 6/B at GCSE PE and Biology or 6,6 in Combined Science. In addition, students must take part in a competitive sport outside of school.
    Physics Grade 7/A at GCSE Physics or in Combined Science
    Politics Grade 6/B at GCSE History or Humanities subject
    Psychology Grade 6 in English Language and a Science
    Religious Studies Grade 6/B at GCSE Humanities subject
    Spanish Grade 7/A at GCSE Spanish

    Find out more about possible subject combinations here

    What does the school day and timetable look like?

    You can find out more about each school day and other general information from our Sixth Form Handbook

    What musical opportunities are available at the sixth form?


    What academic extension opportunities and co-curricular activities do you offer?

    Academic Scholars

    Academic Scholars provides an enriching extension of the A-level curriculum to our more able sixth form students. You can learn more about the programme here.

    Extended Project Qualification

    We offer the Extended Project Qualification (EPQ) in addition to your A-level choices. You can learn more here.

    Guest Speaker Programme

    Each week we host an external speaker on a wide variety of current affairs and careers related topics, with the aim of broadening our student's minds and horizons beyond the curriculum. This is a weekly timetabled slot which is compulsory for Year 12 students.

    Co-curricular Activities

    We have a fantastic offer of free co-curricular activities available to all our sixth form students. Find out about or co-curriculuar programme here.

    Opportunities Bulletin

    Students also have access to a huge range of external opportunities which are published by way of a regularly updated Opportunities Bulletin. This includes a wide range of webinars and other events at partner private schools and  businesses, work experience opportunities, competitions, and university masterclasses to name  a few. Year 12 students are encouraged to take advantage of at least one external opportunity  every term to put them in a strong position when preparing their university applications.

    Where are your alumni now and what do they say about their experience at WLFS Sixth Form?


    Visit our testimonials page for more insights from our alumni.

    Contact admissions

    For any queries about your application, please contact us at sixthformadmissions@wlfs.org