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We aim to provide children with a classical liberal education, regardless of background or ability.

Hear Our sixth formers

First Experiences 

Since I started at the West London Free School in September of this year, my experience has been overwhelmingly positive and enjoyable.

The staff and my fellow students have all been very supportive and have made the transition between schools as stress-free as possible I have not felt any sort of separation between internal and external students. The building and facilities create a pleasant space in which to work and I feel confident that all of the students here will be supported throughout this vital stage of our education. Thus far I have found the teaching to be better than that which I have experienced elsewhere, and I am very impressed by the amount of free time which many of the teachers are prepared to give up, providing extra learning opportunities; from subject specific lectures, to catch up sessions after school.

 Student, Year 12

Hi, my name's Lawrence, I study maths, further maths, chemistry and physics. I'm an international student, coming from Taiwan in October 2017. Staff and friends have tried very hard to help me settle in, and in a few months I've become familiar with the new system. I am slowly adapting to the new style of school, and English culture. I could not have wished for any more than the help I received, and I'm pleased to have chosen the West London Free School.

Since joining this school, I've been really impressed by the enthusiasm from teachers, and their willingness to listen to our ideas and opinions.

They have a good understanding of how to teach in different situations, and can deal with any difficulties that are faced. Lesson lengths are just right to make a lot of progress, but also not tire us out, and we have plenty of time in our timetables to take a break outside of school or study in the library. I'm very happy to have joined this school, and love sharing lessons with my classmates and fellow students.

Student, Year 12

As an external student joining the West London Free School I appreciated the opportunity to meet others at the informal barbecue held prior to September. This meant I already knew some people on joining the sixth form. Initially the first few days were filled with getting to know our way around the school and meeting teachers with other students. I was impressed with the thoroughness of the induction which included a tour of Palingswick House, handing out of timetables and introduction to the WLFS student databases. Within the first couple of weeks I decided to change one of my A Level options and received very good support and guidance from the senior leadership team. I was welcomed into my new subject, found it easy to catch up with the prior work and since then have felt settled and confident in my course. I am optimistic that this sixth form will help us all to reach our full potential.

Student, Year 12

I started at WLFS Sixth Form as one an external student. At the beginning, I found it daunting as I knew I would have to have a completely fresh start. But to my surprise the internal students were warm and welcoming and I settled in quickly. Today I have many friends both internal and external.

Before West London, I went to a public school and with that came excellent teaching standards. However, at WLFS I feel the teaching is at a very high standard and is easily at the level of most public schools. The tough and well-rounded standards teachers set here, are an excellent tool benefiting all pupils. By giving us the chance to hear new points of view, and interesting lectures, they have set the gears in motion for us to do anything after we leave, whether for university, for an apprenticeship, or for a job. All of this whilst helping us become adults.

Outside of the academic side, they try to offer a broad range of extra-curricular activities, with some students doing sports, debating or volunteering. The friends I have made here are some of the closest friends I will make in my student life. West London Free School, will definitely help with whatever path I set on in the future.

Student, Year 12